Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Pain of Prettification

"Two months just to make it a bit prettier?" I hear you shout. Yes, and then some. I've made huge leaps, and most of the app is now themed, but I still haven't decided on the colour scheme. That said, I've not had as much time to play with it as I'd like either. As I'm using it more and more, I'm also realizing that there are some usability issues that need addressing, but I think I'd sooner go for an alpha release, and iterate as quickly as I can.
What I'm proudest of atm is the icon. I made it surprisingly quickly, and I still like it. I've shown here the progress from initial idea to final image: the final colour is not set in stone, but I do like it. I flirted originally with doing it in Google Docs, but when I actually tried the drawing thing there I realized it was nowhere near up to the task. I switched to Inkscape, and I would heartily recommend it. If anyone is interested I'm how any bits were done, just drop me a line. Nothing mind-blowing really though.

My current plan is to get WakeMe@ on the market by the end of July: that may not happen, but it should be close.